myGEKKO Slide - your personal assistant

for an easy communication with your house

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Smart technology

myGEKKO is the speaking tube between you and your house.

It gives you the possibility to control and optimize several systems centrally. You always have your house under control and can interact with it.

The display and the access keys are equipped with the capacitive touch technology. This way, the control of heating, ventilation, shadowing and lights becomes even easier and more intuitive.

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Elegant design

The white glass surface assures an elegant and unobtrusive mounting
and emphasizes the timelessness and longevity of myGEKKO

The upright control panel offers a perfect visibility and shortcuts for a fast control. The white glass surface hides nine LED buttons.

You can use the LEDs as short keys (e.g. for the activation of the alarm system) or as status indicators of several systems. For example, when the alarm system is active, a red button can inform you that your house is well protected.

Sustainable innovation

myGEKKO has been developed with an eye
on efficiency and functionality

The myGEKKO Slide has been developed to save energy. In standby mode, when the display is off, it consumes just 4.3 Watt.


The device has been developed with an eye on the future. With myGEKKO, you can count on a modern solution for many years and take advantage of all technical innovations for a long time.

All in One

The combination of numerous complex control algorithms and a user-friendly and understandable user interface gives you the possibility to interact actively with the system.

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Integrated control

myGEKKO is not programmed but configured and personalised by the electrician, the installer, the planner or the user.

The personalization requires no additional tools, PCs, engineering software, programming skills, etc. All settings can be carried out directly on the device using the intuitive user guidance. Commissioning, adjustment, adaptation, system expansion: everything is ready to hand, in any moment.

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Clear interface

The myGEKKO is the speaking tube with which you can monitor and control every technical device installed in the house.

Thanks to the standardized and intuitive user interface, you are able to customize lights, shutters, ventilation, electronic equipment, as well as heating, irrigation system and music system, and create timers and scenarios without any technical support.

With the trend graph you can display the daily and weekly curve of the single systems and check the energy consumption. You collect detailed information about consumption and costs and can react correspondingly.

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Humans - house - technology
Teamwork with learning effect

With myGEKKO you have a system in your hands which is easy to understand and with which it is easy to acquire experience.

The touch display, the flexible configuration and the transparent representation of all processes help you to interact actively with the system. Trying and testing, you will get acquainted with the system, get direct feedbacks, gain experience and have fun with the myGEKKO.

The more you deal with the topic "house technology", the more feedback you get and the more you learn about the single systems, achieving an extensive knowledge after a certain time.

Begin with some easy settings, e.g. with the setting of the lights and the shutters. Step by step. you can optimize the settings and add new functions, becoming and expert of your house.

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An integral system
For your home

The myGEKKO Slide is a compact control device with a user friendly interface and several hidden control algorithms.

The implementation of complex regulations systems, such as dual pump control, climate control or enthalpy regulation can be done just as easily as the control settings for lights and shutters.

The installer has various interfaces for different installation methods and bus systems at his disposal. No matter if Modbus, myGEKKO, Enocean or KNX - the optimal wiring method can be chosen depending on the conditions of the building and the needs of the user.

In addition to the different installation bus interfaces, myGEKKO is also equipped with several device interfaces. Their task is to connect the devices of different manufacturers to the control system. The devices become part of the global domotic system.


Create special moments in your life and underline these with the right lightning in your home.

Blinds / shutters

An intelligent shadowing assures a cool indoor climate during summer and supports the heating in winter.


The optimal air quality and humidity create the ideal indoor climate for your well-being.

Loads / electric devices

Disconnecting the sockets from the electricity grid you reduce the exposure to radiaton substantially.

Single-room control

Save money with the single-room heating control by using the various possibilities.

Fireplace control

The fireplace control assures a cozy warmth and romantic hours in your residence.


Activation and monitoring of a burner, a boiler or a remote heating distribution point.

Boiler - buffer - solar

Activation of the complete boiler charging system with integration of the solar collectors

Heating/conditioning circuits

Weather-sensitive or room-sensitive control with ECO shutdown.

Energy / costs

Check your power, water and heating consumption as well as the related costs.


You can open and close the main entrances with a chipcard or your fingerprint.


Protect yourself and your home detecting the movements inside and around the house.


Keep your house under control, when you are there as well as when you're on the go.

Alarm messages

Prevent damages by means of a quick alerting (e.g. gas leak or water leak).


Create your own controls. There is almost no limit to your desires and personoal needs.


Enjoy your favourite music at any time, no matter if you are cooking or relaxing on the sofa.

Indoor call station

Check who's at the door and welcome your guests. You are optionally notified when doorbells.


Create a special atmosphere or recall several actions simply pushing a button.


Irrigation, heating, wake-up service,outdoor lights ... myGEKKO takes care of everything.

Energy manager

The energy flows and the power consumption become transparent - optimize your consumption.


Connect your electric car with the house and take advantage from an integrated charging management.


It is possibile to record any value and analyse them with graphic trend curves.

Weather station

Use the weather data for the control of shadowing, heating, irrigation and much more.

SMS / e-Mail

When an alarm occurs, you get immediately informed via SMS or e-mail.

Remote access

Are the lights off? Did you lower the heating? A short look is enough to drive away your worries.

myGEKKO applications

myGEKKO offers a large number of customizable features. You can control the various processes of the house centrally and autonomously. According to the applications installed, you can use different functions in different versions.
Smart Home
  • Solution Smart Home
  • Possible upgrade to Home L
  • Free updates available
  • Available only online as:
    myGEKKO Sldie & Drive
Home L
  • Solution for private homes
  • Possible upgrade to Home XL
  • Free updates available
  • Manufacturer-independent with several device interfaces
  • Business solution
  • Special applications for special needs, such as engineering rooms, wellness areas, ecc.
  • Central management with remote display of several myGEKKOs

Our awards

myGEKKO is the result of 20 years of experience
and has been priced by several international juries.
  • mashable
  • virgin
  • PlusXAward

Our support

  • Our customer support team will be glad to answer all your questions, no matter if your project is a private home or a business building. Call us (+49 89 21 54 70 711) or write a short e-mail to
  • The myGEKKO Solution Partners realize solutions for private homes and residences as well as complete building automation systems for business projects. They accompany the customer along the entire path from the planning to the implementation of a global and customized solution.
  • If you need help or have questions, you can contact our customer support. Send an e-mail with a short description of your problem to or call us at the following phone number: +49 89 / 215470717.

Client advisor


Solution Partner


Support Hotline

myGEKKO as solution for...

Private homes, apartments, hotels, offices, commercial buildings, restaurants, heating rooms, wellness areas, hospitals, schools, ...

The field of application goes from the room control (shadowing, lighting, room conditioning)
to the control of technical plants (heating system, conditioning, ventilation)
and to the comprehensive energy management (electric car, solar system, load management and storage system).

Private homes

New constructions, renovations and expansions

Commercial buildings

Industry, commerce, gastronomy

Public facilities

Kindergarten, schools, hospitals

Office buildings

Room and building control

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